Product teams at their best

HOMERIC AI is the virtual assistant of cross-functional product teams. Leveraging data & behavioral analytics, HOMERIC delivers a continuous and consistent benchmarking across all your teams at an unmatched cost. Then, the Ai-powered team assistant provides just-in-time access to resources to maximize yours teams' impact.

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Data insights at the service of team performance

Behavioral Analytics

No opinions or survey. HOMERIC assesses teams based on what they do. Facts only.

Team benchmarking

HOMERIC relatively compares your teams. Spread good practices, drop the others.

Personalized Coaching

Each team is unique. HOMERIC adapts coaching with access to relevant resources.

Data-driven flywheel

Measure. Benchmark. Coach. Improve. Repeat.

Vertical Alignment

HOMERIC enforces teams focus and performance with clear product objectives.

Horizontal Collaboration

HOMERIC enhances collaboration between product, design and engineering.